A Long Train Ride

Today I was supposed to have about a three hour train ride to the airport after my Evening in Erfurt.

Erfurt, Train Station, Hauptbahnhof, ICEThis morning I was up early for my train that was to leave just after 8. The train arrived right on time and away we headed toward Frankfurt and the airport.

Erfut, ICE, Deutsch Bahn, Railroad, High Speed RailLittle did I know that this would not be the last picture I took in Erfurt today.

We made a stop in Gotha and then Eisenach, but then the delay began. Something catastrophic happened between Eisenach and the next station Fulda that prevented trains from running through that section. After a long delay the train reversed and two hours after we left Erfurt we were back there again.

Beautiful fall color, Germany, Train DelayWe then boarded another train that took us North and then West to go around what was causing the closure of the tracks. I saw some areas of Germany that I had not seen before, including some very beautiful landscapes.

The fall color was very beautiful as the trees have been turning golden during the past few weeks.

However, the train could not move very quickly over some areas of track as they were not built for high speed trains.

Fernbahnhof, Frankfurt Airport, Long distance trains, ICEWe finally made it to the Fernbahnhof at the Frankfurt Station about an hour after my plane left for home. I had already made a call earlier to the priority desk of my airline and switched to the next flight so had no worries of missing a flight home.

My three hour train ride turned into seven hours of frustration. All of the announcements were in German and I had to rely on fellow passengers to let me know what was going on.

Frankfurt Airport, Z Signs, Terminal ZAfter a quick check in I then just had to Follow Z Signs to the gate area and the Senator lounge for some relaxation before the flight.

It is nice to be home and I already have the first loads of laundry spinning away.

Now for some sleep and hopes that I recover from the trip quickly. I have a very full week ahead of me and need to eradicate the jet lag quickly.




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