Family Friends VII

Tonight I learned about the passing of a long time family friend. Letha Lu Solliday passed away earlier this evening. When I saw the news I immediately thought of a picture that was in a collection of pictures that I refer to as the Yoder Archive.

Letha Lu Solliday, Family Friends, Frytown IowaThe two ladies in this picture are Letha Lu and her sister Mary Margaret. Letha is the one in the black who is drinking from a cup. The picture was taken in the basement of the Frytown, Iowa church building where my Grandfather preached.

I called my mother and she also told me who the three men were whose backs are on the right of the picture. I wondered how she could tell who the person in the white shirt was.

Frytown Church of Christ, Church Basement, Fellowship Lunch, PotluckHere is another picture from the archive. Here you can see a view from a different direction. The picture must have been taken earlier as he still has his suit jacket on. The men are Brother Hunt (Donald G. Hunt), Carl Corder and Jake Simbro. I am sure that some of my friends will know other people who are in this picture. Also you can just barely see Letha Lu in this picture.

Frytown Church of Christ - Frytown, Iowa - 150 years - Restoration MovementHere is a picture of the Frytown church with my Grandpa standing in front.

Letha Lu went to the same Bible college that my Grandpa, Mom and Dad went to. Letha Lu’s last year of school was the first year that my Dad attended.

After graduating from Midwestern School of Evangelism Letha Lu worked with a Christian Day School in Puerto Rico for three years. She then went to college to become a teacher and then taught school for much of her life in the Council Bluffs area.

Hamburg Church of Christ, National Day of Prayer, Hamburg, IowaThe Solliday family also has ties to Hamburg, Iowa where my father graduated from High School. When I was little we would often go to Hamburg to visit my grandparents. At that time the Solliday family lived in Hamburg and we would see them at church services.

Hamburg Iowa Church of Christ Stained Glass WindowI am sad tonight to hear of the passing of Letha Lu. However, my heart is also full of wonderful memories of family and friends.

The Solliday family is in my thoughts and prayers tonight.



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