The Gideon Trilogy

At a library book sale earlier this year I ran across an interesting book. The book had a quote on the cover from Entertainment Weekly that said “For kids who love Harry Potter.” I was intrigued and decided to purchase it and see what it was about.

Gideon Trilogy, The Time Travelers, LInda Buckley-ArcherThe Time Travelers is book one in The Gideon Trilogy by Linda Buckley-Archer.

The book is about two kids, Peter Schock and Kate Dyer, who are transported back in time to 1763. The setting is in England and it is interesting to see how the two kids adjust to 18th century life. While there they meet a few interesting characters including Gideon Seymour and the Tar Man.

The story shifts back and forth between the past and the present as their parents and others try and figure out what happened to them.

I will not give away the ending, but it is a cliff hanger that sets up the next book.

Of course, I then had to find a copy of the next book. I was leaving for a three week trip, but put in a hold request at the library so that the next two books would be waiting for me upon my return.

The Time Thief, The Gideon Trilogy, Linda Buckley-ArcherThe Time Thief is the second book in The Gideon Trilogy. In this book Linda Buckey-Archer is dealing with three time periods. The Tar Man has come to the present and adapts to 21st century life and Peter Schock is stuck in the past. Unfortunately, due to a malfunction Kate Dyer and Peter’s father do not make it back far enough in time and meet Peter as an adult. After some interesting adventures they make it back to the present, but Peter is still in the past.

At the end of the book a time machine is stolen and this sets up the last book of the trilogy.

The Time Quake, Gideon Trilogy, Linda Buckley-ArcherThe Time Quake is the last book in The Gideon Trilogy by Linda Buckley-Archer.

After reading the first two books in the series I was really looking forward to this one. However, I had a very busy two weeks after returning from my trip and had only been able to read the second book. I decided to break one of my rules regarding library books. I took the third book with me on an international trip. I just had to find out what happened so it went with me in my carry on as I flew to Shanghai.

In the third book the effects of time travel had started to create time quakes and physiological effects on the different time travelers. It was really very interesting.

Also, Lord Luxon who had stolen a time machine was deliberately messing with history and change the outcome of the Revolutionary War. This was very interesting to me as it delved into what the pivotal point of the war would be.

The book was very exciting at the end as everything came together and Peter and Kate finally made it home.

I would definitely recommend the Gideon Trilogy to kids that are interested in history and science.



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