Nanjing Road Neon

Nanjing Road is the main shopping street in Shanghai. It is known the world over and is definitely a place you must visit if you go to Shanghai.

However, make sure that you visit at night because if not you will miss the wonderful neon lights and signs.

Nanjing Road, Neon Lights, Shopping Street, Pedestrian Street, Ming JewelryThis corner is one of the most colorful, but it is not as colorful as it was in the past. You can see a picture of what it looked like years ago in my post Shanghai Nights. There is also a growing trend of digital screens replacing the traditional neon lights.

Nanjing Neon Lights, Nanjing Road, Shopping, Neon LightsOne of the iconic signs is now missing from this facade, but it is still full of light.

Nanjing Neon, Nanjing Road, Neon Signs, China, Shanghai

Advertising signs line each side of the pedestrian street and help light your way on a dark night.

Nanjing Road, Shanghai, Neon LightsAlthough I have no idea what most of the signs say they are very beautiful. This one looks like they are selling glasses.

Nanjing Neon Signs, Nanjing Road, Shanghai, ChinaHere is another sign that has a pair of glasses. Perhaps it just means look here.

In any case, there is a very high concentration of neon lights on Nanjing Road and your Shanghai experience is not complete without taking a walk down Nanjing Road at night.


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  1. xiaoru89 says:

    Nice pictures that you took!

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