Detail at the Hotel

Since I am not a food blog I will refrain from posting pictures of food since I have included them in the last four posts.

I do have some good pictures of the fish we had last night, but instead I will share a few details from around the hotel.

Crowne Plaza Pudong, Shanghai, Hotel, Elevator Lobby, Hotel detailI like this picture that I took in the elevator lobby on my floor. There are six elevators, three on each side, so the elevator lobby is fairly large. Each floor has a table with a vase, jar or sculpture. On most floors the table is in front of a window. Because of this you sometimes get very nice reflections on the floor of the lobby. A nice peaceful place to wait for the elevator. This is key as there are 27 floors and you sometimes have to wait awhile for the elevator.

Bathroom Sign, Which Door, Bathrooms, WC Signs I like the placards on the doors of the bathrooms in the public areas of the hotel. It is easy to determine which bathroom is which. I am sure that you can tell that this is for the men.

Bathroom sign, Bathroom placard, Ladies Room, Women's Bathroom, China

Here is the placard on the door to the women’s bathroom. At least they don’t just have a Chinese symbol 🙂

For another interesting pair of bathroom doors see my post The Kartoffelhaus.

Goldfish Pond, Hotel Lobby, goldfish, koi pondIn the lobby of the hotel there are two pools of water. You can see that the pools are aerated. They are aerated because they are koi pools.

Koil Pool, Crowne Plaza Pudong Shanghai, Koi, hotel lobbyThere are about 30-40 koi in each pool of water. It is peaceful to watch them swim around in the pools. Most of them are orange but a few of them are white with black and orange coloring.

Hmm, I wonder where we will be eating tonight?



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