Visiting in London

This week we have been visiting customers in the greater London area. This means a lot of driving and seeing bits and pieces of the area. Tonight I thought I would share my exciting day of travel.

Road Construction, Any Veh, Road signs, Basingstoke, LondonOur mornings have started out with a drive toward London. Unfortunately, the route is under construction and traffic is slow. I took a picture of this sign this morning. It took me awhile to figure out the sign. When I first saw “ANY VEH” I didn’t realize that it meant any vehicle. I read it as ‘any way” with a bit of an accent.

Double Decker Buses. London Buses, Suburbs, streets of LondonWhen we get off the highway into the suburbs of London, it is interesting to see the double-decker buses. Usually the single deck buses are full and the double-decker buses are empty 🙂

Interesting Architecture, Ornate windows, brick, architecture, London, Suburbs As we drive along I am always looking at the interesting architecture. There are a lot of brick buildings in the London area. I really liked this ornate design over the windows of this brick building. I also like the reflections in the windows.

There is a lot of older architecture and fabulous brick buildings.

Tesco, Grocery Store, New Architecture, Housing, Apartment BuildingYou also see a lot of modern architecture like this apartment building and Tesco store. We visited a customer right close to this building. We parked in the parking garage of this building.

Pay and Display, Parking Lots, Ticket MachineThe parking garage was an exception. Usually we parked in Pay & Display lots near the customers. We had to estimate how long we would need to park and then purchase a ticket to display in the car window.

While at our last customer today we had plenty of time left to visit a coffee shop for a late lunch. I had a nice bacon and cheese panini.

Now for a little reading before a good night of sleep.


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