Winter Rose

Tonight I will share a few pictures of one of my winter roses.

One thing that I like about California is that sometimes you have roses that bloom in the winter time.

January Rose, Orange Rose, Yellow Rose, Rose Pruning, Winter RoseI really love the coloring of this rose as it starts to open up. I looked to see if I had any pictures of this as a bud, as I remember watching it slowly form each day as I would go out and pick up the newspaper. No pictures 😦

Winter Rose, California Rose, Orange Rose, January RoseA little out of focus, but here is another picture showing the beautiful coloring of the rose.

Orange rose, Winter Rose, Floribunda Rose, February RoseHere is the rose about three days later. The rose is so beautiful as it opens up. The back of the petals are a darker orange than the front and make a nice contrast.

I want to mention that this bloom is a bit different than the normal blooms for this rose bush, they are usually not this orange. They do have a tinge of orange, but are more of a dark yellow.

This is also the same rose bush where I sometimes will get a few red blooms that fade into a darker orange than what these are.

See: Different Colored Blooms

Orange Yellow Rose, Floribunda, Winter Rose, Winter Blooms, February RosesAfter another three days the orange color has now faded even more. This was this morning and after a day of rain the petals are falling off. Most likely there will only be a few by morning.

I am glad that there are more buds about to open as I start to enjoy my roses again as they start a new blooming season.

What is your favorite color of rose?


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3 Responses to Winter Rose

  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    Difficult to choose. I like them all.

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