February Special Days

Although February is just a short month it has a number of special days.

We just had Groundhog Day on Monday. Depending on where you live you will have more or less winter based on whether it was sunny or not.

Or not!

Maybe next year I will write more about Groundhog Day. I was too busy last night writing about the New Newbery Books to write about Groundhog Day.

Century Old Valentine - Two Girls - Valentines Greetings - Old CardsOf course February brings Valentine’s Day.

You can get in the Valentine’s Day spirit by visiting the posts below:

Century Old Valentines

Century Old Valentines II

Century Old Valentines III

Maybe this year I will find some more old Valentines to share with you.

Marx President Figurines - Washington to Johnson - President's Day - Figurines - Grocery PromotionAnother February holiday centers around our Presidents and depending on where you live it may have a different official designation.

Which is correct? Is is Washington’s Birthday? Is it Presidents’ Day? If it is Presidents’ Day how do you punctuate the name?

For more about the name of the holiday you can see my post: President’s, Presidents’ or Presidents

1960 Scrapbook Clipping - Abraham LIncoln - Frank MillerDepending on where you live you may also celebrate Lincoln’s Birthday.

Fire Works - 4th of July - Most Liked Posts - Holiday FireworksAlso this month is the Chinese New Year, so you may see some New Year Fireworks.

Ash Wednesday is in February this year and perhaps I will write a post about it, or maybe not. It all depends on where my mind wanders at that time.

Stick around to see what I write about this month.



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2 Responses to February Special Days

  1. February is our favorite months for a Caribbean cruise to celebrate our wedding anniversary on the 21st. The ms Westerdam departs Port Everglades on Valentine’s Day and we return to FLL on our anniversary. Due to recent health issues, we have not booked any excursions in Grand Turk, San Juan, Philipsburg or Half Moon Cay. But we look forward to enjoying the changing vistas from our verandah. 🚢 ⛵️ 🌴 Of course, the food will be plentiful and delicious starting with fresh pineapple 🍍 each day, soft serve vanilla with caramel sauce topped with a hot cookie 🍦🍪 , books to read 📚, and a new moon 🌙 and a plethora of stars 🌌 plus a few passing showers ☔️ and rainbows 🌈 but NO snow ❄️ ⛄️☀️ 😉 !

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    February is one of my favorite months.

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