Retirement Party

Today we had a retirement party for a colleague who I have worked with in the training department for the past 12 years.

I have many memories of working with Denny over the years. My favorite memory was a presentation we gave in Weimar, Germany ten years ago.

Vision Award, We make learning visible, Zeiss Vision AwardWe presented our project “We Make Learning Visible” to over 200 executives. Our team won a Vision Award for our project and we have continued to improve the program we developed throughout the years.

Retirement Party, Denver Broncos, Buffet Lunch, CelebrationDenny is a big Denver Broncos fan. The party decorations were all Bronco themed. We had a nice buffet lunch for our entire department.

Buffet Lunch, Retirement Lunch, Celebration, BroncosThe buffet was very nice, although having to eat on a Broncos plate was not the most fun for this Kansas City Chiefs fan 🙂

We have had a lot of fun over the years talking about football, especially as we are also in the heart of Oakland Raider territory.

Retirement Gifts, Picnic Basket, Denver Bronco DecorationsDenny loves to fish, so one of the gifts was a nice picnic basket for him to take with him on his boat. Now he will have a lot more time to go fishing. Hopefully we will get a lot of rain this winter so that he can go fishing on his favorite lakes next spring.

Retirement Cake, Retirement Party, Apple PiesOf course, what is a retirement party without a cake and desserts? We had cake and apple pie with ice cream for dessert.

A nice lunch filled with memories as we helped Denny celebrate his retirement.





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One Response to Retirement Party

  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    Nice retirement party!!

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