Playing Strings

While growing up in Ottumwa, Iowa both my sister and I played stringed instruments.

Cello, Stringed Instruments, Orchestra, Ottumwa Iowa, MemoriesHere I am playing my cello. I really loved playing the cello and wish that I could have continued playing it when we moved to Kansas. Unfortunately, they only had band and I then started playing the trombone.

I sometimes think of buying a cello and learning to play again.

Violin, Orchestra, Strings, concert, Music, Ottumwa IowaHere is my sister playing the violin. We were probably getting ready to go play at the all city orchestra concert. The concert was just down the street at Evans Junior High. My sister not only played the violin, but also the double bass. She also played the clarinet and continued to play it once we moved to Kansas.

Piano, Strings, Piano Lessons, Stringed Instrument, MemoriesWe also both played another stringed instrument, and I still sometimes play this one today. Many people forget that the piano is also a stringed instrument.

This picture brings back so many memories. The items on top of the piano all bring back memories. You can see the little baseball player in my post: Baseball Memories

Of course the piano itself brings back so many memories as it is what I learned to play on. I also really liked the old piano stool. Especially spinning around and around on it.

Child playing piano - old upright pianoYou can read about some of my piano memories in my post: Piano History

I am also remembering my piano teacher, Margaret Hunt. I found out recently that she is still giving piano lessons.

Did you play a stringed instrument while you were growing up?


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3 Responses to Playing Strings

  1. Melissa Schlageter says:

    It is so funny! When you mentioned Ottumwa, Iowa I was reminded of M*A*S*H and Corporal Walter Eugene “Radar” O’Reilly. 🙂

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    Three of my grandkids play in the band. Love your pictures.

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