Tonight I am going to share a few pictures from my calculator collection.

These all bring back some good memories.

I will start with the Hewlett-Packard family.

Hewlett Packard 11C, Calculator, Math Class, Calculus, MemoriesHere is my HP-11C. This is a mid-range scientific calculator and is capable of basic programming.

Hewlett-Packard Calculator, HP-25C, Programable Calculator, Math, CalculusHere is my HP-25C. This calculator was part of a tool kit for a product that I worked on many years ago that is now obsolete. We had to do some high order math to calibrate the instrument.

Hewlett-Packard Calculator, RPN, Reverse Polish Notation, Graphing Calculator, HP-28CThe HP-28C was the first graphing calculator made by Hewlett-Packard. I bought this while I was in college when it first came out in 1987. I don’t remember the exact price that I paid for it, but the list price was $235. A lot of money for a struggling college student. However, this calculator was a great tool.

Now on to my Texas Instrument calculators.

Texas Instruments Calculator - TI-59 - Programable CalculatorThis TI-59 was also used for the instrument that I mentioned above. With this calculator I also have different program strips that were read in with a strip reader. This way you could store program information and not have to reprogram formulas each time you used the calculator.

Texas Instruments Calculator, TI-66, programable Calculator, College MemoriesHere is the TI-66 Programmable calculator that I used in college before the HP-28C came out. I definitely have some good memories of using this calculator.

The TI-66 came out in 1983 and had a retail price of $70.

I have a few more calculators tucked away somewhere, but these are the ones that bring back the most memories.

I haven’t used any of these calculators for many years. I should find the right batteries and see if they still work. Unfortunately, they don’t all use the most common batteries 🙂

I also just bought a TI-83 graphing calculator, but not for myself. My niece just started college and needed one for a math class. The calculator was her graduation gift from me.

What calculator did you use in college or high school?


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7 Responses to Calculators

  1. I have got a Citizen SDC-875 from around 1987 and it has never let me down!

  2. erikasellers says:

    I have used the same calculator for years! It is an AT&T AT-220 – big buttons and very simple!!!

  3. I used one of these: I had a program on it that wood add feet and inches. I still have it.

  4. HP-12C, even for ACC/FIN classes at GaTech (MS-MGT), & STAT classes at GaState (BS-Industrial Psych)

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