Old-Time Photography V

Old-Time Photography

Today I have been thinking about an old picture that I don’t know too much about. However, with football season upon us again I thought I would share it.

This is the fifth entry in my Old-Time Photography series. You can click on Old-Time Photography IV to get an overview of the series and links to the previous posts.

Football Team, Sabetha Kansas, 1927 1928 football team, Old football uniforms, Grandpa's Football TeamI know that this picture is of my Grandpa and the football team that he played for. I am pretty sure that he went to High School in Tarkio, Missouri.

Update: I talked to my Dad and he went to high school in Sabetha, Kansas when he lived with his grandparents. He only went to school for one year so this would have been his freshman year.

The picture would have been taken about 1927 or 1928 as my Grandpa was born in 1912.

I had to study the picture a bit and also make a comparison with some other pictures to figure out which player is my Grandpa. Of course now he just stands out when I look at the picture.

Old Footbal Uniforms, Sabetha Kansas Football, 1920's Football, Grandpa's Football TeamHere is a closer look at the front row. The boy in the middle of this selection is my Grandpa. The ears of course are a big giveaway, but you can also compare the facial structure to pictures of him in Old-Time Photography III and IV.

I like the football uniforms that they are wearing. It is also interesting to see the size of the players. I would imagine that the largest boy here would be the smallest on a modern day high school team.

Old Football Cleats, 1920's Football Cleats, Old Football Picture, Sabetha Kansas, High School FootballYou know how I like detail in an old picture. Here are the football shoes. Can you imagine wearing high-top leather football shoes? The cleats also look very interesting. I am sure that they were able to get good traction on muddy fields.

It is interesting that one player is not wearing long socks or leggings. He is also the player that is holding the ball in the picture. I wonder if perhaps he was the quarterback.

My Grandpa’s leggings look a bit heavier and are all bunched up at the bottom. His feet are the ones on the far right.

Another post that I have been thinking about today is Old Football Program.

The football program is from about 30 years later and the uniforms have undergone a major change.

I hope you enjoyed this look back at an old photograph.


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3 Responses to Old-Time Photography V

  1. Mom says:

    Love these! Sure don’t see any Nike smoothes or under armour logos 🙂

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