Old Hostess Items

There are several things that I always like to look at when I am at the airport in San Francisco. I always like looking at the art that is displayed, and also the rows of display cases outside of the security check area in the International Terminal.

If you have been following my blog for some time you would have noticed all my posts about Home Pride Bread and other former Hostess products.

Today I saw a display that was along the same theme.

Hostess Display, San Francisco Airport, Food Items, Culture, Twinkies, HostessThe display cases in the section outside the terminal that Air Canada flies out of were filled with product packaging and advertisement items.

I was not able to get a reflection free picture, but you get the idea in this picture.

Of course, several items caught my eye in this case.

Hostess ding dongs, orange frosting, hostess product, King Ding DongHere is an interesting box of ding dongs with orange flavor frosting. I thought that they only ever came in chocolate. Hostess does have orange flavored cupcakes. The box is from the early 70’s.

Twinkies, Hostess, Snack Cakes, 1970's Packaging, box of TwinkiesHere we have a Twinkies box from the 70’s that features Twinkie the Kid. You can definitely tell that this packaging is from the 70’s. I remember seeing these in the stores.

Of course there are now many different Twinkies Flavors to choose from.

Now for what I think is the really cool item in the display case.

Twinkie the Kid, Promotional Item, Hostess, Sponge Cake Cowboy, TwinkiesHere we have a large Twinkie the Kid doll/action figure. This one is from the 1980’s. Definitely a great advertising icon.

The items in the exhibition all come from the Warren Dotz Collection. You can find out more about the displays and collection by clicking on: A World of Characters

If you are at the San Francisco Airport you really should check out the collection, but make sure you do by the end of the year as the display ends on January 4.



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5 Responses to Old Hostess Items

  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    I ate a Twinkie about an hour ago.

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