Turkish Toilets

One of the challenges of traveling is finding a toilet, figuring out which is the one for you and in some cases figuring out how to use them.

Here is a quick look at how to meet this challenge in Turkey.

WC, Water Closet, Turkish Bathroom Sign, Turkish Toilet Sign, WC SignIn most places the standard WC (Water Closet) was used to identify where to find the toilet, bathroom, restroom or washroom. Of course, we have many different regional or cultural variations here in the U.S. However, WC is less common here.

Tuvaletler, Tuvalet, Turkish Toilet, WCYou may also see a sign that reads Tuvaletler, which is Turkish for toilets. You can see in the background that there is also a WC sign.

Bay, WC, Toilet, Tuvaletler, Turkish Toilet, TurkeyThe picture here helps answer the question as to whether this if the Mens or Womens toilet. Bay means Mr. in Turkish.

I also looked up the word ücretsiz to find out what it meant. I found out that it means ‘free of charge.’ This is important to know as many Turkish toilets require you to pay a small fee for use. We always made sure we had coins with us.

Bayan, Toilet, Turkish Toilet, Tuvalet, ucretsizI took this picture from down the walkway, but you can just barely see the picture of a woman on the WC sign. Bayan is the word for Mrs.

Now you know which one, Bay or Bayan, to use if you go to Turkey.

I also looked up ‘dus’ and found out that it means ‘shower’. This was at a small truck stop/rest area so they must also provided shower service for the truck drivers.

All of our hotels had western toilets, but when we were out and about we were more likely to see what is in the picture below.

Turkish Toilet, Tuvalet, Elephant Foot Toilet, Asian Toilet, Squatter, Squat ToiletThis type of toilet has many different names. Elephant’s foot toilet, squatter, squat toilet, Asian toilet or natural position toilet are just a few of the names I have heard.

I have seen them in many places in Asia and in several different styles.

They are usually very clean and well taken care of, but I definitely prefer my flush toilet.

Squat Toilet, Dirty Toilet, Elephant Foot Toilet, Asian ToiletOr, sometimes they are not so nice. Here is one that I saw in a rural area of Turkey. No toilet paper and a small bucket to use for flushing.

You should now be able to find a toilet and make sure you don’t go into the wrong one when you travel in Turkey.





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4 Responses to Turkish Toilets

  1. “Where is the bathroom?” in Spanish:

    ¿Dónde está el baño? ¿En dónde están los servicios higiénicos? In many Latin American countries, baño is commonly used, but could be considered slang in Spain.

  2. Lyle Krahn says:

    I could see where that could be a bit of an adventure.

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  4. Too funny! I have paid to use a hole in the ground wrapped in a tarp, life is about perspective. LOL!

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