A Hot Monday

Today was a very hot day. Luckily most of my day was spent inside in the classroom.

However, it was a long day and I was not looking forward to seeing this on the radio display as I pulled into my garage.

102 Degrees - Late Day Heat - Hot DayCan you believe? It was still 102 degrees at 7:18. Luckily the humidity was not too high, but it was hot in the house and I wanted to just veg out.

83 degrees - Hot evening - Low Humidity - Summer TimeLuckily by 10:30 the temps had come down quite a bit. All the way to 83 degrees with a RealFeel of only 80 degrees.

I am almost ready to open the windows as it should cool off to 62 degrees overnight and be cooler for the rest of the week.

However, my poor flowers bore the brunt of the heat.

Each day I have been taking pictures of my Agapanthus for a future post.

Agapanthus, African Lily, Lily of the NileHere is one picture from this morning. The bloom looks nice and crisp, with all the flowers pointing up.

Agapanthus, African Lily, Lily of the NileLook at the contrast with the picture I took this afternoon when I got home. The bloom is wilted and all the flowers are hanging down. It looks like the bloom got squashed.

I got out the hose and gave the agapanthus some additional water and I hope that it will recover some overnight. I will be taking pictures again in the morning.

I fell like the agapanthus bloom. I had bad traffic this morning and then a long day. After I watered my plants tonight I just sat in front of a fan and worked on my computer. Now off to bed for a good night of sleep.




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