How Upsetting? IV

Since the tournament was quite upsetting on Sunday, I decided to go ahead and write the next post in the How Upsetting? series.

Cherry Blossoms at Night - New Otani Gardens - Tokyo, Japan - Cherry BlossomsPlus it was already dark when I arrived in Japan and not the best time to take pictures. I did take a quick walk around the gardens at the hotel and took a few pictures. In the picture above are some Cherry Blossoms.

Back to the tournament.

Three of the four games in the fourth round were upsets. The biggest upsets of course were in the Sunday games.

Most Upseeting Tournament - NCAA Basketball Tournement - Final 4 - How Upsetting? - Upset FactorThe three upsets netted 10 UF points bringing the total UF for the 2014 tournament to 99.

The BP only went up by 8 and the only team that can contribute to the BP total from this time on is Florida as it is the only 1 seed left.

So will this year be the most upsetting tournament?

Most Upsetting Tournament - 2014 NCAA Basketball Tournament - Basketball Upsets - Upset FactorAfter the fourth round 2014 has moved up into the fifth spot for UF.

Last year at this point the UF was 105, but there were no upsets in the final two round of the tournament.

This year there are enough potential UF points in the last two rounds to tie or break the record.

There are six UF points needed to tie the record of 2013 and 1986. In the next round the seed difference in both games is six. An upset in either game will bring about a tie. Two upsets, whether both in the next round or one in each of the final rounds will break the record.

What do you think? Will there be another upset?



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2 Responses to How Upsetting? IV

  1. vanbraman says:

    The tournament this year is definitely the Most Upsetting Tournament. To find out How Upsetting the tournament has been check in after the final game when I write another post in the series.

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