Cloudy Day

Tonight I will share some pictures from a cloudy day in orchard country.

I took these pictures while being shadowed by Tarragon the Cat.

Orchard Barn - Central Valley California - Red Barn - Cloudy Day - OrchardsIn this picture it looks like rain is about ready to fall. I like the contrast between the red barn and the blue in the sky. If you look closely you can see an apricot orchard across the road.

Apricot Blossoms - Apricot Orchard - Patterson, California - Apricot FiestaI walked across the road and took a few pictures of the apricot blossoms.

I am looking forward to the Apricot Fiesta later this year.

Peach Blossoms - Century Old Peach Tree - Peach Tree - OrchardBack behind the barn there is a hundred year old peach tree. The blossoms are so beautiful. I like the contrast with the green leaves that will soon fill the tree replacing the pink of the blossoms.

Orchard - Walnut Orchard - Apricot Tree - Cloudy SkyI really like this picture with the trees silhouetted against the cloudy sky. In the foreground is an apricot tree. In the background you see a mature walnut orchard and to the right is a developing orchard.

Sunset - Clouds - Orchard Country - Patterson Hills - Central ValleyIn this last picture the sun is starting to descend behind the clouds and is really lighting them up. I like the dark line of hills on the horizon and the orchard in the foreground.

Although it was cloudy, it was a beautiful day with a cool wind blowing. You could smell the freshness in the air that comes after a few days of rain.

I am so thankful for the rain that has been falling. A much needed respite from the dry winter we had so far.




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3 Responses to Cloudy Day

  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    You can see God’s hand in the orchards, clouds, rain, etc. Nice post!!!

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