Anker Nativity 3

On Christmas Eve, here is the third of the three Anker Nativity Scenes that I have built from the Ankerstein plan books.

I will start with the second drawing in the plan book.

Anker Nativity Scene - Toy Blocks - Ankerstein - Christmas - Christmas Eve - Anchor BlocksThis drawing shows the back of the structure that is titled Manger in the index. If you compare this one with the drawing from the last Anker Nativity post you will see that the building is much  more complex. We also see some of the same elements from the previous drawing with the shepherd, well and the woman going for water.

Anker Nativity Scene - Toy Blocks - Ankerstein - Christmas - Christmas Eve - Anchor BlocksHere is the front of the manger. Here again we have the traditional nativity scene shown. The inclusion of the elephant is interesting, but since I collect elephants it makes for a nice addition to the picture. Of course, this picture also brings up some interesting questions. Did the wise men visit Jesus when he was just born? Was the stable a detached building? For the second question, Tod Bolen of has a great blog entry on No Room in the Inn.

Anker Nativity Scene - Toy Blocks - Ankerstein - Christmas - Christmas Eve - Anchor BlocksHere is my construction of the Manger. The structure was built with six boxes of stones – 6, 6A, 8A, 10A, 12A and 14A. These six boxes of stones make up set number NF16. If you contrast this structures from the ones (1, 2) that I posted earlier this month, you will see that this one is not only bigger, but has more detail with the increased variety in stone shapes and sizes. If you look closely you can see the mangers on the back wall of each side.

I hope you have enjoyed this short Anker Nativity series.


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6 Responses to Anker Nativity 3

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    What a fun hobby, thanks for sharing those with us. Merry Christmas Steven.

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    These are so neat. I had never heard of Anker until you started posting …

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