Frightful’s Mountain

Many of you may remember reading My Side of the Mountain while growing up.

My Side of the Mountain - Jean Craighead George - Newbery Honor Medal - Falcon

The book was written by Jean Craighead George and it was published in 1959. My Side of the Mountain won a Newbery Honor Medal in 1960 and also several other major book award. The book has remained popular over the years and has instilled a love of nature into many young kids.

How many of us wanted to be like Sam Gribley and run away and live in the wilderness? Or to have a falcon (Frightful) who would help us find food?

What many of us older readers may not know is that there have been four sequels written to My Side of the Mountain. In fact, I thought that there were only two and just found out about number three and four. I may have more reading to do.

The first sequel was On the Far Side of the Mountain.

On the Far Side of the Mountain - Jean Craighead George - Falcon - WildernessIn this second book of the series published in 1991, Sam is joined by his sister and they help rescue Frightful after she is kidnapped by poachers who are looking to sell falcons and other birds of prey for large sums of money. Along the way we find out many more things about nature and how to survive in the wilderness.Frightful's Mountain - Jean Craighead George - Falcon

The third book of the series is Frightful’s Mountain which was published in 1999. This book takes a major turn as it is written more from the perspective of Frightful the falcon than the humans who are in the story. We are taken on a further journey through the struggles of endangered species and also there is a return of the poachers who are trying to sell birds of prey. Frightful survives the many challenges as we learn more about the lives of these beautiful birds and much more about falconry. We also learn about the great work of individuals who have helped them survive.

I now must find the other two books.  Frightful’s Daughter published in 2002 and Frightful’s Daughter Meets the Baron Weasel published in 2007 are both picture books. I guess that I don’t have that much reading to do after all. The first is available at my library, but I will have to search for the second one.

Jean Craighead George passed away earlier this year at the age of 92. She authored more than 100 books in her long career as a writer. Her stories will live on, especially in the three books shown above.


p.s. The three images above are cover scans of the actual books I read within the last month. I own the first and third, but the second one is a library book. I have my eye out for a copy of my own :-). I am sure I will want to read these again someday.


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10 Responses to Frightful’s Mountain

  1. Mom says:

    All time fav of my son !

  2. A wonderful reminder of some classic books! Thanks!

  3. I read at least the first two of these, and fantasized for ages about living in the wilderness like they described. Thanks for the post, it’s nice to remember these books. Given my current occupation, maybe they influenced me more than I realized!

  4. Boomdeeadda says:

    Sound like good reads Steven. I don’t remember them but maybe were more for the young men readers? I remember reading ‘Ring of Bright Water’, about a guy and his otter living in Scotland…it’s all a little vague……so it’s been a while since I was 12…LOL I wonder if kids even read books now?

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  7. Rory Dunleavy says:

    This is a great review! I feel the same way about the books and I’m reading my side of the mountain for the first time! It’s great and I had no idea that there were sequels to the book.

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