Home Pride Update

I have started the search for my replacement for Home Pride Bread.

For the latest update click on: Home Pride Bread

Home Pride Bread - Hostess Brands - Discontinued

Hopefully it is just a temporary replacement and Home Pride will be back in production again. I found it really interesting that I had a lot of people find my post Not My Bread!! while searching for information about what happened to Home Pride. Many people must not have associated Home Pride with Hostess and made the connection that it had gone the same way as Twinkies and other bakery goods that were owned by Hostess.

The first candidate for replacing Home Pride as my daily bread was from Safeway.

Safeway Kitchens Butter Top Wheat Bread - Not as good as Home Pride

I bought a loaf of Safeway kitchens Butter Top Wheat Bread. I thought that maybe since Home Pride was a butter top wheat that perhaps they would be similar. I was disappointed as soon as I tried to make a PBJ with the bread. The texture was totally different. The bread was not as soft and was a very even grain. One of the things that I liked about Home Pride was that it had an uneven grain and you often had small air pockets in the bread for ingredients to collect in while spreading them on the surface.

I was dreading using the bread for my morning toast and of course it also was not the same. The toast was harder and did not soften the same way when I buttered it. Also the bread did not stay fresh as long, but maybe it just seemed that way since I was not as eager to eat it and didn’t eat as much :-).

Here is the next candidate.

Sara Lee Whole Wheat bread - Home Pride Replacement Take 2

I picked up this loaf while shopping at Target earlier today. I thought that going with a national brand might be a good choice. I was trying to decide whether to go with Sara Lee or Oroweat and decided on the first. Sara Lee was on sale and was normally the higher priced bread. Oroweat is next on the list if Sara Lee is not a good substitute.

I have not yet opened the package, so don’t know what the grain is like yet. I think I will wait until I make my morning toast. I am hoping for the best.

For those of you who may have clicked on this post hoping to find out the latest news about Home Pride bread, I can tell you that the bankruptcy court has given Hostess the OK to start discussions on selling their brands. I am sure that there are companies that are interested in picking up the well known Hostess brands. Their bread brands include the very popular Wonder Bread, so I am hopeful that someone will buy them as a package and will soon be producing and distributing the different breads again.

I am sure that it will take time for all the negotiations and startup activities even when they do find a buyer, so I will practice my patience and have fun sampling temporary substitutes :-).


For more posts on this subject, click on Home Pride Bread.

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36 Responses to Home Pride Update

  1. I do hope they get Homepride back the way it was for you soon, Steven!

    • Deb says:

      Home Pride makes the best toast, has awesome flavor and nothing I’ve tried has been a good substitute. I hope they bring it back – as I’ve found many, many people who miss it as much as we do.

      • catlyn says:

        I sure miss Home pride. Nothing tastes like Home pride. That was the best bread ever.
        I was just doing some searches to see if I could find out if maybe it was coming back.

  2. lylekrahn says:

    The interesting race to replace your bread sounds like it’s moving slowly. It’s not easy replacing a fond staple.

  3. Glenda McDougal says:

    Please keep us updated as we preferred their brabd also. Thanks!!

  4. Jules says:

    Okay, so it wasn’t my imagination…..I have done the same search….which included dragging my kids around who didn’t understand what the big deal was! I have tried Nature’s Own Honey Wheat from Albertsons, which looks the closest to our favorite Home Pride Butter Top Wheat. Although, not Home Pride, texture (as in bits of wheat ‘whatevers’) was similar, with just a hint of honey taste. Just as you, hoping at some point someone brings Home Pride back! Glad to have found your post, as I didn’t put two and two together…..that it was a Hostess product.

    • Maridel Braman says:

      I prefer the Nature’s Own 100% whole wheat to the buttertop. I never gave much thought to the fact that I had spoiled you by buying Home Pride bread for so many years. I do know I am qute choosy in my choice of bread. Have fun searching and hope they bring it back at least almost as good as before. What else did I spoil you with???

      • vanbraman says:

        Nature’s Own is not available here. I did send them an e-mail though asking when they would be expanding their distribution. I am not too far outside their current territory. I will keep my spoiled secrets to myself :-).

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  8. K graham says:

    Still looking for a replacement myself, Sara Lee not the worst but for sure not as good as Home Pride, for toast and sandwiches its the best hands down! A family favorite over here in northeast Ohio !

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  11. Patti Wagstaff says:

    I too have missed Homepride very much! I have tried SaraLee, Orowheat, all the store brands in my town, Smith’s and Walmart. I bought one at a Sam’s club hoping, but it did not compare. I have pretty much given up on toast or sandwiches.

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  19. I thought I was losing my mind! Thank you for this post. I too have tried Lucky’s brand and it’s okay but nothing so far compares to Home Pride.

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  21. Ben Garcia says:

    Just tried Bayview Farms Buttermilk bread and it wasn’t bad at all but I still miss Home Pride.

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  28. Jim F. says:

    Believe it or not, after months on a similar quest to yours, I believe the best substitute I’ve found is a generic supermarket brand, Met Foodmarkets Split Wheat-Top. Freshness, texture and taste were all pretty close to HP. metfoods.com

  29. BA Thomas says:

    I just entered Home Pride Butter Top bread online and it showed that Walgreen Drug carries it, at least some of them do. You can enter your zip code and it will pull up a list of the close stores and tell you which ones carry it. I’m going out tomorrow and get some and become happy again. They better not be sold out. Grrrrr

    • Kristalgayle says:

      I rushed out after reading your post and checking my zipcode for Home Pride. No luck! I tried two neighborhood Walgreens, both stated it was in stock on their website but it was not available. I also check bread labels to see if perhaps there was a designated ‘spot’ for the bread. I decided to let other purchases wait for another time.

      • Jules says:

        Hi to all……Just found our favorite bread!! Home Pride Butter Top is now back in Albertson’s….in California anyway. Haven’t tried it yet, but hope it still have the same taste and texture. đŸ™‚

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