Gallup Poll Connection II – Parke

Here is the long awaited follow-up to a post that I wrote last month: Gallup Poll Connection I – Amish

In my post last month I detailed my connection to George H. Gallup through his wife and her Amish ancestors. Today, I will cover another connection that I have to George H. Gallup. This one is not as close, but does have some interesting twists to it.

Through my Hotchkiss line I am a descendant of Robert Parke and Martha Chaplin. Robert and Martha were both born in the 1580’s in England and died in the 1660’s in Connecticut. Robert and Martha Parke have many notable descendants, but I am only going to focus on the three of them who played a part in the 1948 Presidential Election.

Here is a picture that will be a good reminder of what happened in 1948.Harry Truman with the iconic Headline - Dewey defeats Truman - 1948 ElectionLet me start with the pollster who predicted a large victory for Thomas Dewey. George H. Gallup predicted a large victory for Dewey and it is thought by some that this is what led to the headline by the Tribune. Gallup believed that the error was made because he stopped polling three weeks before the election. An unheard concept today as the polls are continuing to roll in up to the last moment.

As you might have guessed, George H. Gallup is a descendant of Robert and Martha Parke. He is descended through their son Thomas who married Dorothy Thompson. My descent is through their son Samuel.

Next up we have the the candidates themselves. In this case Harry S. Truman is not descended from Robert and Martha Parke, but his wife Bess Wallace was. She is a descendant through their son William who married Martha Holgrave.

Thomas Dewey is also a descendant of Robert and Martha Parke through their son William.

I find it very interesting that about 400 years after Robert and Martha were born that they had descendants that came together and played important roles in this iconic election. Ten generations had come and gone, but here we find three descendants sharing the spotlight.

There is a possibility that another descendant also played a role in the election. I have seen it mentioned that the Progressive Party candidate Henry A. Wallace was also a Parke descendant, but despite an exhaustive search of his ancestry I cannot find the connection.

Make sure you go out and vote tomorrow and take your part in determining our future. We will see if there are any surprises for the pollsters this time around.




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5 Responses to Gallup Poll Connection II – Parke

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    Very interesting Steven, you’ve done so much research. I found it interested in reading about Truman that even back then he was speaking out about corporate greed, the dangers of Wall street cheats and how special interest groups were influencing policy by throwing their money around……times have not changed much LOL. I don’t think I was aware that he ascended to the presidency when FDR died while in office. Has that happened to any other sitting president? I guess he’d get my vote even back then.

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    Totally amazing, not only that you can go back that far with your genealogy, but also how so many presidential associates are connected to your family!! Thanks …

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