Great Humor

Today was the first day back to work after having my wisdom teeth out, so I am a bit tired out.

So, tonight you get just a single picture that I think is one of the funniest ones that I ever took.

Great Wall of China - Badaling - Humor - Chinese Child - Arrow Port - Sweater

Great Wall of China at Badaling.

I have always loved this picture since I first took it about 11 years ago. I had been teaching a service course in Shanghai and after the course we flew up to Beijing to visit some important customers. This gave me a chance to visit the Great Wall of China. This picture is taken at Badaling, which is the most recognized and most visited portion of the Great Wall. It is about an hour drive north of Beijing and the day that we went was a beautiful cold day. Luckily it was not too crowded. I enjoyed walking on the wall and feeling the sense of history.

While there I saw this little boy poking his head down into one of the ports in the wall. It was a picture that had to be taken. He looked so cute. I love the little black shoes, the pink sweater and the cold weather pants. All bundled up for the cold. The only thing missing is the mittens :-).

It also brings back memories of the camera that I took the picture with. Do any of you remember the Sony camera that used floppy disks to store the pictures? This was taken with one of them.

Someday I will share some other pictures of the Great Wall taken at the same time. However, for now it is time to go take a nap.


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5 Responses to Great Humor

  1. The day I visited the Great Wall, it was incredibly foggy. You couldn’t see much beyond the wall. Looks like you got a much nicer day!!

  2. Boomdeeadda says:

    Love how that sweater stands out in all the earth tones. I don’t remember that Sony Camera…floppy disks you say? Wacky stuff. I have a Sony Sureshot, nothing fancy but it does the job and I finally know how to use it (after 5 years). I’d like to get one that takes better close ups though

  3. Glenda McDougal says:

    That picture is adorable!!! What could he see?

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