Counting Countries

I always like to look at the stats for my blog. Since I like numbers, it is neat to look at all the information that is captured. I also love maps, so like to look at where people are from who visit my blog.

One of the stats is Views by Country.

Daily Views by Country Word Press

Daily Views by Country

Today, I received views from Suriname and Guyana for the first time. With visits from these two countries, I have now received visits from 76 countries. I had to count down through the list of countries in the All time section, as the total number of countries is not one of the stats that is listed. Watching the country stats is also a good way to learn Geography.

All time Country Visits

Map of Country Visits

I still have about 120 countries to go, as according to one count there are 196 countries. If you look at the map above the biggest gap is Africa. However, this is probably the area of the world with the least number of internet users. From an area standpoint, I need a visitor from Greenland to help fill in the map.

As I looked through the All time list of countries, I found that people from the major English speaking countries were the most frequent visitors. The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and India are the top five countries for visits to my blog. At number six is Israel, but most of the visits have been in the last two weeks while I was traveling there along with friends who were checking my blog to see the daily recap.

At the bottom end of the list are 17 countries that only have one visit to the blog.

Watching to see where my visitors come from also brings back memories of places that I have visited, or makes me dream of places I would like to visit.

Unless you count Antarctica as a country, I have received visits to the blog from all the countries I have physically visited except Chile. I have now been to 23 countries since I can now count Israel. I was also tantalizing close to two other countries on the trip to Israel. I took photos of Syria and Jordan. We were within a couple hundred feet of Syria and only a very narrow stretch of the Jordan river separated us from Jordan.

Now I am wondering what the next new country to visit my blog will be, and also thinking about what new country I should visit next. Maybe Peru and a visit to Machu Picchu.

What country would  you like to visit?



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12 Responses to Counting Countries

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    Awesome, you’ve attracted a major audience! I do like that Stats page too, lot’s of good info. I guess one day I’ll really like to visit Egypt, I’ve always really loved learning about ancient history. As Spock would say ‘fascinating’.

  2. It is so much fun to see where your readers are coming from, isn’t it? About half of my readers are outside the U.S. so I try to add in the occasional bit about American culture for their enjoyment.

    There are so many countries I’d like to visit, it would take too long to write them here. But with Google Maps, I can at least see something of what they look like.

  3. vanbraman says:

    Maps, pictures and movies all help us get a feel for other countries. But I like going there and interacting with the people and environment.

  4. vanbraman says:

    I just had a visitor from another country. Number 77 is Armenia. Without looking it up, who can tell me where Armenia is?

  5. Helen says:

    I am also fascinated where the views in my blog are from, and I’ve got a gap in Africa and Greenland! I started learning the countries of the world through my stamp collection, so when the earthquakes occurred in Haiti, I knew where it was. And the numbers to make it interesting. At any rate, you have another view from…


  6. J. G. Burdette says:

    I’d like to visit Scotland, Australia, Ireland and Wales.

  7. vanbraman says:

    A few more countries including Iraq and Oman today bring the total up to 82.

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