Sentinel of the South

I was all set this evening to post one of my favorite pictures from Ushuaia, Argentina. However, I received a link for the latest episode of 51° South.

The latest episode is 51º South: Sentinel of the South. Vern Cummins, one of the producers sent the link to me. When I posted about the Falkland Islands last week he had messaged me that the subject this week would be the Cathedral in Stanley. Click on the link to watch this great video on Vimeo. I really like the ending where there are a couple of time lapse shots. One is of the night sky and is really cool.

Instead of the Ushuaia picture, I decided to post a couple more pictures of the Cathedral and Whalebone Arch that I took during a cruise to Antarctica. You can read more about the history of both the Cathedral and arch in my previous blog post about The Falkland Islands.

Here is a picture of the Cathedral taken through the Whalebone Arch:

Cathedral as seen through the Whale Bone Arch

I love the color contrast in this picture the native stone, the Red bricks and the Golden color of the whale bones.

Here is a picture taken in the interior of the Cathedral:

Stained Glass Windows

These are just some of the fantastic stained glass windows in the Cathedral. The colors and detail are intriguing.

Last, I have a picture that shows the view from the Cathedral yard:

View from Cathedral Yard

Here we have a view of the arch and Stanley Harbour. We also see the remnants of the storm that delayed our arrival in Port Stanley and cut short some of the excursions from the cruise ship. However, this picture would not have been the same without the clouds.

So, watch the video on Vimeo and learn a bit more about the Falkland Islands. The series has brought back great memories of my trip.


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