Gold Country Wedding

On Sunday I went to a beautiful Wedding. The wedding was held in a beautiful old Victorian mansion in Placerville.

The Bee-Bennett House was built in 1853, shortly after the Gold Rush, by Colonel Frederick Bee. The Colonel was a business man who had profited from the Gold Rush.

Marcus and Mary Bennett purchased the home in 1889 and soon expanded it as their family grew to include seven daughters and a son. Tragedy struck when their only son died when very young. The ghosts of Judge Bennett and his son are said to haunt the house. The house is also across the street from a cemetery and several people have claimed to see other ghosts in the house. Luckily, we did not see any during the wedding :-).

I love reflections, so will share a picture that I took of the wedding arch reflected in one of the windows.

I love the multiple reflections and the glimpses of the period furniture and fixtures inside the house. The interior of the house was simply gorgeous. The stained glass, redwood trim, iron work, fireplaces and period furniture all added to the feeling that we had gone back in time.

Facing the area where the wedding ceremony was held was a beautiful window with stained glass accents.

Wisteria Reflections

Again we have beautiful reflections, but with the addition of the beautiful Wisteria blooms draping themselves off of a stained glass trellis.

Sunday was a very hot day, and the guests waited until the last minute to start seating themselves for the ceremony. Fortunately, the ceremony itself was very short. I looked at the time stamp on my pictures for the processional and the recessional and they were only four minutes apart.

Here is a picture of the happy couple just after they were pronounced man and wife and had their first kiss as a married couple.

Ashley and Michael

We then mercifully went inside to the cool dining room for the reception and dinner which went well into the evening. We had a great time visiting with family and friends.

My cousin Ashley was such a beautiful bride. I am glad that I was there to see her and Michael start their new life together.


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6 Responses to Gold Country Wedding

  1. What a beautiful couple. I wish them a long, happy life together. 🙂

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  3. Boomdeeadda says:

    Some people might be reluctant to live across from a cemetary, I think they’d make the best neighbours ever…super quiet. Beautiful location for a wedding. I love old houses with a history. Best Wishes to the happy couple

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