Hungry Hungry Hippos

Remember the game Hungry Hungry Hippos where you furiously pounded on the lever to make your Hippo eat as many marbles as possible before they were all gone?

I thought of this game while I was at the Toronto Zoo.

I wandered by the Hippopotamus pavilion and one of the Hippos was relaxing in the water while being sprayed with a jet of water. You could tell that the Hippo was really enjoying the spray. The Hippo’s mouth at one point was wide open and made for a good picture.

Hippopotamus amphibius - River Horse - Toronto Zoo - Hungry Hippos - Big Mouth - Big Teeth

I later moved around where I could take a straight on shot into the mouth with it wide open However, I didn’t get good cooperation. I did get this picture which showed the Hippo’s teeth.

Hippopotamus amphibius - River Horse - Toronto Zoo - Hungry Hippos - Big Mouth - Big Teeth

Hippopotamus amphibius is an interesting animal. The name means river horse and it is the third largest land animal, with only Elephants and Rhinoceros being larger. As large as it is, you better watch out as it can run faster than man despite its stubby little legs. One surprising fact I found was that it is considered to be the most dangerous animal in Africa. Especially when I think about what other animals come from Africa.

Hippopotamus amphibius - River Horse - Toronto Zoo - Hungry Hippos - Big Mouth - Big Teeth

I would definitely not want to be a Hippo dentist after seeing the large teeth. It is interesting how they get their teeth cleaned in nature. The Hippos will open their mouths and small fish will cleanse them of parasites.

There are many more fun facts about Hippos, but I will stop with these.

Were any of you good Hungry Hungry Hippos players? I have to admit that my Hippo usually stayed hungry.


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6 Responses to Hungry Hungry Hippos

  1. Stacy Jobe says:

    You never want to be the one thing standing between the hippo and its river.

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