Sunset Before a Movie

This evening I went to see the movie Finding Noah with five of my friends. The movie was at seven so I had to make sure I left work in plenty of time to make it home through the traffic.

Finding Noah Movie, Steve Rudd, Movie Event. Fathom, AraratLuckily the traffic was not too bad and I even made it home with enough time to make and eat a sandwich before I headed to the movie theater.

Colorful Sky, Yellow Clouds, WeatherAs I left home I could tell that we were going to have a beautiful sunset. The sky to the south had beautiful yellow clouds and to the west the sky was starting to turn beautiful shades of red.

Cinemark Theater, Tracy, California, Finding NoahBy the time I got to the theater it was a bit darker and the sky was really beautiful. If you look closely you can see the sky reflected in the window above the theater exit door.

Sunset, Clouds, Red Sky, California SunsetThe clouds that were yellow earlier had now turned shades of red and pink and were absolutely beautiful.

Sunset from the mall, Colorful Sky, Tracy, CaliforniaHere is the actual sunset in the western sky. The colors were absolutely beautiful. We have had many wonderful sunsets this year and I have really been enjoying them.

I then met my friends in the lobby of the theater. We really enjoyed the movie. I would recommend that you go see the movie, but it was a one night only showing. I would assume that Finding Noah will be available as a video in the future, so if it is I would recommend that you buy or borrow a copy. The views of the mountain were incredible and a great story was told about the trials that archaeologists and explorers go through to look for Noah’s Ark.

One of my friends was in the movie, so it was interesting to watch for when he would appear.

The movie also had special meaning to me as a long time family friend, Eddie Werner, passed away earlier this week. One of the things that I remember about him was that he gave presentations about Noah’s Ark.

Rainbow - Raindrops - water droplets - Reflection and Refraction - Spring ShowersSince I talked about Noah in this post I guess that I should also share a picture of a rainbow :-)

Now to get back to packing.



Candy Corn CupCakes

Last week I shared pictures of Pumpkin Spice CupCakes. Tonight I will share pictures of another Limited Edition CupCake.

Hostess Snack Cakes, Limited Edition, Pumpkin Spice CupCakes, Candy Corn CupCakesHere are the Candy Corn and Pumpkin Spice CupCake boxes. You can see that they have sprinkles in common. CupCakes usually have the squiggle, which was perfect for Hostess Baseballs.

Hostess, Candy Corn, Snack CakesHere we have the Candy Corn CupCakes. You can see that they match the color scheme of the traditional candy corn. Candy Corn are one of my favorite treats from Halloween time, maybe it is the Iowa in me :-)

Snack Cakes, CupCakes, Hostess, Candy Corn, Seasonal Food ItemsHere is a peek into the box. You can see that they look a lot like the picture on the box.

Hostess, CupCakes, Candy Corn, Limited Edition, FoodI did have to look at several of the snack cakes to find one with a lot of sprinkles. They are not very consistent and some did not have too many. They had the same problem with the Pumpkin Spice cakes.

Candy Corn CupCakes, Hostess, Sprinkles, Limited EditionOf course, a taste test had to be completed. They had a good flavor, but I am not sure if I could really tie the taste to Candy Corn. They do have the right color, but the sweet taste of Candy Corn was a bit lacking. Maybe if I put a couple Candy Corn on top it would taste a bit more like them :-)

Have you seen these fall related Hostess CupCakes?