Around the Yard

Tonight I will share a few pictures from around my yard that I took in the last week or so. Spring has Sprung and I am enjoying the nice weather and colors.

Rose, Fence, Backyard, Spring, Spring has SprungI took this picture while walking back to check on my back yard. This is not one of my roses, but belongs to my neighbor. I don’t complain that it grows over the fence. I just enjoy it.

Western Scrub Jay, Aphelocoma californica, birds, Backyard, SpringI had a little western scrub jay (Aphelocoma californica) hopping along the top of the fence. He stopped for just a bit and I was able to get a nice picture of him with the small tree that is in my back yard.

Mister Lincoln Rose, Rose Bush, New Growth, Spring GrowthHere is a new picture of my Mister Lincoln Rose. It is starting to get some new growth. This rose bush is very small compared to my others which all have a large number of blooms. However, I only planted it this spring so it does not yet have a good root system.

I am really looking forward to having blooms on this rose bush later this year.

Pink Rose Bush, Floribunda, Roses at duskThis picture and the next one were both taken at dusk on Tuesday. I like the bright color of the pink rose with the dark background. This rose bush is a floribunda and has a lot of blooms.

Dusky Yellow Rose, St. Patrick Rose, Rose at Dusk, Yellow RosesHere is a group of blooms on my St. Patrick rose bush. A nice splash of color. I have not been watering my roses as much this year because of our ongoing drought. With the lower amount of water and windy days the blooms are drying out before they are fully formed and they have a unique look.

No need to dry these roses :-)

I hope that you enjoyed this look around my yard.


Old-Time Photography VIII

Old-Time Photography

Tonight I decided to write a follow-up to a post that I wrote in the early days of Braman’s Wanderings.

I also decided to add this to my Old-Time Photography series. If I were to add a sub-title to this post it would be Playful or Posed.

The original post where my idea came from was titled Eating Watermelon.

Eating Watermelon, Barrell Springs Ranch, Lamar, Colorado, Watermelon

How to eat a Watermelon

The star of the post was my Grandma’s cousin Norma Jean. This picture is very playful and was definitely not posed. You can read more about this picture and my thoughts about watermelon in the post: Eating Watermelon

Along with this playful picture of Norma Jean I decided to share a posed picture of her. Playful or Posed :-)

Norma Jean, 1940, 17 Years Old, Posed Picture, CousinHere Norma Jean is posing for a picture. Perhaps it is her school picture as it was taken in 1940 when she was about 17 years old. I really like this picture. Her hair is beautiful with the stylish ringlets of hair and I really love her expression.

Grandma High School Picture - Agnes Van DuzorHere is a picture of my Grandma at about the same age. She was a little bit older, so this was taken about 4-5 years earlier.

My Grandma looks a little more serious in her picture.

Can you tell that they are cousins?

Which picture do you like better, the Playful or Posed?