Newbery Challenge Update X

Although I have read eight more Newbery books since my last update, I will only share two this evening.

The two books are both by Mabel Leigh Hunt.

Hunt was born in Indiana to Quaker parents. She lived her entire life in Indiana. She was a librarian in Indianapolis for about a dozen years before she started to write full time.

Hunt wrote many books for children of different ages. Most of her books were Historical Fiction and several of them dealt with Quaker themes.

Better Known as Johnny Appleseed, Mabel Leigh Hunt, Newbery Honor Book, Newbery, Fronteir LIfe, IndianaBetter Known as Johnny Appleseed was a Newbery runner-up in 1951. The book tells the story of John Chapman who was better known to us as Johnny Appleseed.

Better Known as Johnny Appleseed, Mabel Leigh Hunt, Newbery Honor Book, Newbery, Fronteir LIfe, IndianaThe book explores both fact and fiction about Johnny as it tells the story of his life.

I have always enjoyed reading about Johnny Appleseed, especially as my Grandma at one time had told us that we were cousins to Johnny Appleseed.

As I found out more about my Chapman ancestry, I learned that we were not cousins to Johnny. See my post Johnny Appleseed for more information about my search to find out the answer.

However, I still enjoyed this book as Hunt did a great job of telling us more about this wonderful man who helped spread apples across the middle of our country.

Have you seen Tom Thumb, Mabel Leigh Hunt, Newbery Honor Book, Biography, Historical FictionThe second book is Have You Seen Tom Thumb which was a Newbery runner-up in 1943.

This book tells the story of Charles Sherwood Stratton who was better know as General Tom Thumb. The book is richly illustrated by Fritz Eichenberg.

The book covers most of the life of Tom Thumb. You can tell that Hunt did a lot of research into his life and his surroundings. The book is Historical Fiction, but reads more like a Biography. The dialog she created is believable and she tells a good story of his relationships with his family and also P.T. Barnum.

Both of these books were definitely worthy of Newbery Honor awards.


Yoghurt Flavors

In the past couple of weeks I have seen a few new yoghurt flavors pop up in the dairy section. Or maybe I should say yogurt and yoghurt flavors. My favorite yoghurt brand uses the British spelling, but other popular brands use the American spelling.

Watermelon Yogurt, Chobani, Limited Edition, YoghurtThe first new flavor that I tried was from Chobani and is a Watermelon Blended yogurt. It does taste a bit like watermelon, but not enough for me to buy more of this flavor. This one will probably remain a Limited Batch yogurt.

Plum Blended Yogurt, Chobani, Limited Batch, PlumsI saw another Limited Batch flavor this weekend, so picked up some Chobani Plum Blended yogurt. I have not tasted this one yet, so no opinion on the taste. However, since it is blended it definitely will not have whole fruit in it.

Cranberry Apple Yoghurt, Limited Batch, Yogurt Flavors, NoosaMy favorite yoghurt brand is Noosa. I really love the taste of this yoghurt. Noosa uses the British spelling, so I am using it here.

The new flavor from Noosa is cranberry apple.

Noosa Yoghurt, Limited Batch, Cranberry Apple Yogurt, YoghurtI tried this one out this morning and really enjoyed it. I liked the tartness of the cranberries along with the texture of the apples. One of my favorite drinks is cranberry apple, so I was eager to give this one a try. It is definitely on my shopping list as long as it is in the stores.

I like the little graphic on the container: limited edition bonanza batch!

Noosa is based in Colorado, but uses a recipe that originally comes from Australia.

Noosa Yoghurt, Limited Batch, Cranberry Apple Yogurt, YoghurtOne more look at the name of the yoghurt. Noosa has some great flavors. My favorites are strawberry rhubarb, lemon and tart cherry.

Pumpking Yoghurt, Yogurt, Noosa Yoghurt, Thanksgiving YoghurtPumpkin also showed back up on the shelf this past week after being a limited edition last year.

Now if they will only make a banana creme yoghurt. Lucerne used to make a delicious banana creme yogurt and I am missing it.

Do you have a favorite yoghurt or yogurt flavor?