2019 Calendars

This year I order my calendars just after Thanksgiving. However, they didn’t arrive before I left for Germany, and I was a bit worried about them being left in my entryway. Luckily, the lady that watches my house and checks my mail picked them up for me when they arrived.

Calendars.com, 2019 calendars, New YearThis year I again ordered my calendars through calendars.com. I usually check to see what is available at a kiosk in the mall, but this year I just decided to put in my order as I knew that I would probably need to anyway.

2019 Calendar Order, calendars.com, barns, new yearI did wait until today to open up the package of calendars. The top one was turned upside down and I got a nice preview of the images I will see throughout the year.

Barns Calendar, 2019 Calendars, Red BarnI like to hang a barn calendar in my office. There are usually several choices available. This year I chose one that had a nice big barn on the cover.

Barns bring back good memories of growing up in farm and ranch country.

Tea Calendar, Cup of Tea, 2019 CalendarsFor the last couple of year I have bought a Sherlock calendar, but this year they did not have one. Instead I found this Cup of Tea calendar.

This one is hanging in my kitchen which is of course where I prepare my tea 🙂

Cup of Tea, Barns, Eagles, National Geographic Calendar, ElephantsHere are the four calendars that I ordered from calendars.com this year. The National Geographic Eagles and Elephants calendars rounded out the order. I have been getting the Eagles calendar for more that 11 years now.

The Elephant calendar hangs near the door to the garage and the Eagle calendar is also in the kitchen where it has hung for many years.

I am still not sure about my bathroom calendar. I traditionally hang my Orchard Supply calendar there, but since they were closed down by Lowes this year they obviously did not release one.

I do usually get a Hawaii calendar from one of our service engineers each year, so it may be the one I hang there. If not, I will have to search for one more calendar.

What calendars do you have this year?


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