Some Shanghai Images

This morning I will just post Some Shanghai Images. Some of these will be expanded on in future posts, but for now I need to finish packing and head to the airport for the long trip home.

I actually am supposed to arrive in San Francisco just about now and I haven’t even left yet.

Shanghai Metro, China, Largest Metro, Train

Shanghai has an extensive Metro system. It is the largest in the world by length and close to the top in number of stations and passengers.

China bicycles, Metro System, Shanghai

Outside the Metro stations you will often find rows and rows of bicycles. There are also areas for electric scooters which are very popular in Shanghai.

Yu Gardens, Shanghai, Culture, Night View

I will probably write a post later about this area near the Yuyuan Garden. For now you get a beautiful night time image of a famous tea house.

Tea cup, tea market, shanghai, smoky tea

I also visited a tea market where I tasted several teas. Of course, I am bringing some home with me.

Chinese grocery store, egg display, eggs, packaging

In America we are so used to just buying eggs in a carton. In other places in the world this is not always the case. Here in Shanghai you can buy single eggs and there is also a variety of different types. I have a few more grocery store pictures that I will share later.

Now off to the airport.


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