Korean Cuisine

This evening I am thinking about Korean cuisine as I was watching one of my favorite episodes of Late Night Restaurant.  See my post Korean Drama Title Sequence.

Namdaemun Gate, Seoul, South Korea, Late Night RestaurantI thought about Korean Food as a title, but I had already used it.

Korean BBQ - Charcoal Grill - Baked Egg - Korean Soup - Korean FoodWith Korean cuisine you will often have a lot of small dishes. These are just some of the dishes we had with a BBQ dinner in Seoul in 2013. See More Seoul Food.

Korean BBQ, Koryo Galbi, grilled meat, Korean Food, Korean CuisineWhile I was in Texas earlier this year for a course my students and I went out for some BBQ. In this case it was Korean BBQ. I did go and get some traditional Texas BBQ with a good friend of mine on Sunday after the course was finished. See Food in Texas.

Korean Cuisine, Korean Food, Woodpecker, Spicy Chicken, Woodpecker KoreanI have also had Korean cuisine in Toronto. My friends and I went to Woodpecker Korean Food for lunch one day. The food was really good. This was not my meal, I had a pork cutlet, but the spicy chicken looked really good. My friend John let me have a taste and it was good.

Rice added to Dak Galbi - Korean Food - Chuncheon Specialty Food - Spicy ChickenI always like A Little Seoul Food. Here we are having dak galbi for lunch one day. A nice meal before getting back to the classroom for more learning.

Now I am hungry for Korean cuisine. I may have to cook some Korean cuisine next week, or just go to a Korean restaurant.



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