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100K Views for Braman’s Wanderings

This morning my blog passed the 100,000 views milestone.

I had been hoping that I would reach the mark before my trip to Turkey.

I had been closely watching the numbers and looking at trends and averages to see if it would get there in time.

At the same time I was watching the mileage on my odometer, and Old Blue passed the 100K mark earlier this week.

99498 views - Blog Views - Blog Stats - Blogging - MilestoneOn Monday I was at 99,498 views when Old Blue made it past 100,000 miles.

Blog Views - 100000 Blog Views - Blog Milestones - 100K ViewsLast night when I wrote my May Day post the counter was at 99,979. I knew that I would pass the 100K mark sometime this morning.

99999 views, blog stats, blog milestones, 100K views, blogging, This morning when I first got up I checked my blog and I was at 99,999. The web page uses the term visits and the stats page uses views.

100,010 views - Blog States - 100K milestone - Blogging - NumbersAbout 20 minutes later the counter had passed the 100K mark. The All time views only updates about every 15-20 minutes, so I couldn’t catch it right at 100,000.

So, what does 100,000 views mean? Not a lot, it means that I have been blogging for a long time and made a lot of posts :-)

However, I have written a few posts that get quite a lot of views.

John Miller, Amish MinisterAmish in California? and Amish in Oregon? both get views almost every day and together account for more than 5% of the traffic on my blog. Other Amish posts bring that up to about 10%.

Home Pride Wheat - Butter Top Bread - Flowers Foods - Home Pride is Back - Wheat Bread - Chicago - Milwaukee - Aunt Millie's BakeriesAnother popular group of posts was my quest to find a replacement for Home Pride Wheat bread. I also followed the return to market of the various Hostess products. These posts generated 15-20% of my traffic.

Tell es-Sultan - Walls of Jericho - Joshua - Walls Come Tumbling Down - Rahab - HarlotAnother popular post is about the Walls of Jericho. This is another post that gets almost daily views. I have also written many other posts about Israel and Palestine and altogether they easily account for more that 10% of the views.

Fireworks - 4th of July - Most Liked Posts - Holiday FireworksAt one time my post, Fireworks Memories, received visits almost every day. Then since September there have been only a few visits. Possibly because of the changes that some of the search engines made at about that time.

I had thought about adding in a map of where my visitors are from, but will wait and write another Fun with Flags post sometime soon. I have had visits from more than 150 countries.

It has taken almost exactly two years to reach the 100,000 mark, so I don’t expect to reach another milestone anytime soon.

Welcome to Braman’s Wanderings was posted on May 5, 2012, but regular posts didn’t start until June 2 with Take off to Canada.

So, join me for the next 100,000 as I embark on a vacation to Turkey.


Home Pride Update LI – Coming Soon to Chicago

More than three months has passed since my last Home Pride Update post, but since there is big news about Home Pride Bread I decided it was time for an update.

Today Flowers Foods issued a press release announcing that they have entered into an exclusive license agreement with Aunt Millie’s Bakeries to produce and market Home Pride Bread and Wonder Bread.

Aunt Millie’s Bakeries is based in Fort Wayne, Indiana and will distribute the breads in southern Wisconsin, northern Illinois and northwest Indiana.

Home Pride Wheat - Butter Top Bread - Flowers Foods - Home Pride is Back - Wheat Bread - Chicago - Milwaukee - Aunt Millie's BakeriesChicago and Milwaukee will soon have Home Pride Bread back on their shelves. The press release and articles that I saw did not give an expected date, but I am sure that it will happen soon.

Aunt Millie’s Bakeries is also a distributor for Hostess Snack Cakes in their market area, so they will be distributing a large share of the former Hostess products.

Flowers Foods Territory - February 2014 - Aunt Millie's Bakeries - Home Pride Bread - Bread Distribution - Chicago

February 2014 – http://www.flowersfoods.com

Here is a map from Flowers Foods website that shows their Market Territory in February. If you compare the map with the one I posted back in November, you can see that there have been some small changes.

There is now a bakery open in Henderson, Nevada and there have been small expansions to their territory in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.

I am not sure how they will portray the partnership with Aunt Millie’s on the map. The Home Pride Bread lovers of Chicagoland will probably just want to see the bread on the shelves.

Home Pride Bread - Buttertop Wheat - Bread on the Shelf - Return of Home Pride - Chicago - Milwaukee - Aunt Millie'sIt will be interesting to see what happens to this territory in the future, will Flowers Foods license additional brands to Aunt Millie’s Bakeries?

I am sure that Flowers Foods will eventually want to expand into Chicago with the rest of their product line.

For those of you in the Chicago and Milwaukee areas, you wait will soon be over.